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Le Squisivoglie, that is SUNITALY for the international market, with its healthy and tasty products, has been bringing for over 30 years the highest quality products on the tables of Italians.

Lots of different proposals are available for all tastes, including several varieties of olives, in oil products and pickles, to prepare a tasty snack or to come up with delicious and creative combinations, always with the guarantee of top quality products.

The Piersanti family has been working in the field since 1973 and is synonymous with experience and quality  which  is the result of a long tradition handed down from generation to
Despite being a young company, Le Squisivoglie can boast an excellent track record and is dedicated to ensure the most suitable solutions for the frenetic pace of everyday life to those seeking quality and originality.

Le Squisivoglie has a deep knowledge of raw materials, the result - it is appropriate to say - of more than 40 years of experience in the selection and storage of agricultural products, in the best Italian tradition of quality food. A careful selection and an in-depth knowledge of processing techniques enable a continuous improvement of the proposed recipes and combinations, in order to meet high quality standards and ensure simple but rich and tasty food.

“To love good food is to serve it with taste and quality, in respect of the healthiest tradition”.

Franco Piersanti

Company information

Le Squisivoglie S.r.l.
Strada provinciale Empolitana Km 3,400
00024 Castel Madama (Roma)
VAT 07028231004
Business Identification N. 07028231004
Recorded in the Rome Business Registry

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Tel. +39 0774 411646
Fax +39 0774 411160


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