Le Squisivoglie for more than 40 years transforms and manufactures the best products of the land, to bring on the table every day the taste and the authenticity of the Mediterranean flavors.

Le Squisivoglie has always been careful to ensure people looking for quality and genuineness the most suitable solutions to the frantic everyday life. The experience and professionalism in the field are the guarantee for those who choose Le Squisivoglie products, manufactured with passion and care in the Plant of Castel Madama.

A Passion that led over the years Le Squisivoglie to develop a real campaign of eating well. A constant presence on table with many fresh and genuine products and delicious and innovative ideas to create unique dishes every day, with all the flavor of traditional cooking because ... there is more pleasure in eating well!

In this section there are the different publicized article of ADVERTISING, characterized by the commitments and the initiatives taken during these years, sharing with everybody the desire of living together the wellness and the pleasure of eating well everyday.


The TV Station Roma Uno presented on its broadcast the New Television Commercial by Le Squisivoglie that coloured every day the screen of the region introducing the wonderful products Le Squisivoglie. A new graphics and the lively vivacity of Italo the Squisichef characterized the tv-commercial, the new idea of Piersanti Family, who always cares about its clients. Le Squisivoglie wants to give a message to support a healthy diet! 
Le Squisivoglie always sustains many cultural and sportive events to support the good tradition of Italian cooking. 
A journey that links, more and more the brand Le Squisivoglie, to the value of feeling good and in fit through a healthy nutrition, bringing on the tables fresh and genuine products as the healthiest traditions doas!
 A strong and successful tradition as the strength and cohesion of a family who is the supporter of a culture and a healthy lifestyle because in life, as on the table, there is more pleasure in eating well.

Le Squisivoglie on the newspaper Il Messaggero

A special appearance of Le squisivoglie on the newspaper Il Messaggero to wish an Happy Easter everybody! A wave of joy and happiness to remember the healthy values of the tradition and the importance of a correct nutrition, especially in a day in which the tradition and the “good eating” are the protagonist!

Le Squisivoglie accompanies Italians in Holyday and in every day of the year with its taste and sharing the most authentic savours of Mediterranean tradition: at Easter and everyday... there is more pleasure in eating good.

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