Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes: how to avoid that take apart?Baked potatoes: how to avoid that take apart?
To prevent the potatoes taking apart during baking, dip them at least half an hour in cold water, then dry them well and cook them according to your recipe.
The potatoes will lose the starch and so they will become more crispy after baking in the oven! Try it!

Slow Food e Smartphone

Quality food connection with using smartphoneA survey conducted by researchers of the University of Minnesota, aimed at investigating the possible psychosocial and nutritional effects of watching TV eating, it was found that, in most of the families interviewed, the TV is on during meals.
But smartphones are now more worrying! Results show that even the few spaces left to allow the family to stay together are increasingly shrinking.

Methods of cooking

There are different coocking methodThe methods and systems of cooking are two fundamental factors that affect the final quality of the food. Depending on the adopted solutions can enhance the flavors, increase its digestibility, change the energy value of food and nutrition

As a general rule to remember: minimizing the cooking time to not lose the vitamins (first of all those of group B and C), and reusing the water used to cook vegetables to cook pasta and rice (to take advantage of the property).

Did you know that the glasses of Coca Cola sold in the cinemas contain from 23 to 44 packs of sugar?

Did you know that the glasses of Coca Cola sold in the cinemas contain from 23 to 44 packs of sugar?It's what emerged after the embarrassing interview with James Quincey, President of the European Coca-Cola Company, aired on the BBC in recent days.
The journalist Jeremy Paxman shows a small glass of Coca-Cola sold to the cinema and Quincey asks if you think that consumers know how much sugar contains. Faced with the embarrassment of the interlocutor, the reporter turns the glass, from which come out 23 packets of sugar.

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