Virtues of black olives

Black Olives are a “must” of mediterranean cookeryBlack Olives are a “must” of mediterranean cookery! The strong taste and the intense aroma make them a delicacy you cannot resist. But not only our gluttony is the reason why we eat olives.

Effectively, not only our palate benefit from this kind of food! Do you know that the benefits from constant eating olives are more then 10? These are important for all our body! Read and know!

1) An ally of the HEART
Black olives are rich of antioxidant qualities, useful to stop the oxidation of free radicals in
cholesterol, preventing cardiac pathologies. The fats in the olives are useful to prevent arteriosclerosis and, recently, it was proved that the same fats can reduce the blood pressure

A Tomato a Day...

Tomato is the king of Mediterranean cuisineTomato is the king of Mediterranean cuisine, it has always been known for its anti-cancer properties, thanks to a component, lycopene, a compound of hydrogen and carbon that is the most effective carotenoids antioxidant , of which it is part.
Recently, an Italian study has shown that consumed cooked in their skins and seeds, the beneficial properties of tomato are much more pronounced in the prevention of cancer, especially in the prevention of prostate cancer.
A diet that contains a right dose of whole tomato, especially when it is cooked or with the skin, as in more traditional Mediterranean recipes, it reduces the development of prostate cancer and inflammatory factors involved in the process.
This study argues that consuming a substantial amount of tomato, cooked and whole, is more effective than using supplements of lycopene.

Lupin Beans... Taste with no Gluten

Lupins are a delight for the palate and ideal food for coeliacs and diabeticsLupins are a delight typically Mediterranean, a tasty legume that fascinates young and old.
But besides causing joy to the palate, lupins are an ideal food for coeliacs and diabetics: This delicious food is in fact completely gluten free!
Even the flour made from it has many qualities, first of all, the percentage of protein that contains, 43% of 100g of flour lupins, comparable to meat and eggs to the top! Recent studies strongly advocate the beneficial action of the properties of lupins on the heart and cholesterol: it has been proved that regular consumption of lupins facilitates the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body and also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and prevents hypertension.

Olives: the surprising taste of tradition!

Today reinterpretations of Italian tradition of preserving olives are repeated in different versions.The period of the olive harvest for farming families of the last century brought with it the task of collecting them - long and hard work! - and the subsequent process grinds to extract the oil. The collection process has undergone changes over the years and of course no longer corresponds to the pure performance of labourers. But there are traditions that remain alive in the history of rural Italian ... and in our culinary history: the conservation of olives!

At the time of our grandfathers, women as well as following the harvest, they also had to provide for the preparation of different kinds of olives to preserve and consume during the winter and beyond. They chose the appropriate ones for each recipe, prepared and cared respecting the most ancient traditions.

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