Virtues of black olives

Black Olives are a “must” of mediterranean cookeryBlack Olives are a “must” of mediterranean cookery! The strong taste and the intense aroma make them a delicacy you cannot resist. But not only our gluttony is the reason why we eat olives.

Effectively, not only our palate benefit from this kind of food! Do you know that the benefits from constant eating olives are more then 10? These are important for all our body! Read and know!

1) An ally of the HEART
Black olives are rich of antioxidant qualities, useful to stop the oxidation of free radicals in
cholesterol, preventing cardiac pathologies. The fats in the olives are useful to prevent arteriosclerosis and, recently, it was proved that the same fats can reduce the blood pressure

2) A friend for the diet!
Consumer of olives have generally high levels of seratonin the hormone of good humour, that increase the sense of fullness! Then the particular fats contained in the olives help the weight loss!

3) An help against the cancer
The properties antioxidant and antinflammatory of olives contrast the cronical oxidative stress one of the determinant factors of increasing carcinogenic cells. E Vitamin, highly contained in olives, is a natural neutralising of free radicals in body fat, protecting cellular processes!

4) The substitute of ibuprofen
The last researches individuated among the polyphenols present in olives, the the oleocantale, a molecule that acts as a natural analgesic with the same characteristics of ibuprofen, a chemical-pharmaceutical, adopted against the most frequent diseases osto-articular.

5) A natural beauty treatment
The olives and olive oil are rich in fatty acids that moisturize and protect skin and hair. For the skin Vitamin E is a panacea: it protects from UV radiation and prevents aging of the skin. Even for a hair mask of olive oil can work miracles, hydrating and protecting them from external stresses.

6) Stop allergies
Recent studies have demonstrated a crucial role for the olives in an anti-allergenic diet
extracts of olive act as antihistamine at the cellular level by blocking histamine receptors special: it has been shown that these extracts inhibit the response of cells to histamine! In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties, improve circulation and blood flow, allowing the reduction of negative effects of asthma and other inflammatory diseases.

7) Preservation of the digestive system
It is shown that a high intake of vitamin E, together with the presence of monounsaturated fat is linked to a lower incidence of colon cancer. Olive oil is instead a great protector for the stomach, which is useful to prevent ulcers and gastritis.
It is also proved that the olives bear a rich source of fiber, improving the health of the entire digestive system!

8) Stronger with IRON!
The iron is fundamental to many activities of our organism: the transport of oxygen by red blood cells, the production of energy, the production of carnitine that helps to use fat, the production of numerous enzymes, and of fundamental importance, the iron helps the healthy functioning of the immune system. Black olives, rich in iron, are an ally in determining the proper functioning of all the activities of our body!

9) Look at your sight!
Approved studies have found that eating a cup of black olives contributes 10% of the daily amount shown for vitamin A, necessary for the health of our eyes. This allows for better night vision, a prevention for cataracts and other eye diseases that depend on the age.

10) A natural antioxidant
The olive consumption was positively related to the level of glutathione in the blood: the more you eat olives, the more this will increase antioxidant nutrient in the blood. This consequently allows improving the antioxidant capacity of the body which helps to prevent degenerative diseases and maintain every cell in the body.

So...What do you think? It's enough?

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