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Tomato is the king of Mediterranean cuisineTomato is the king of Mediterranean cuisine, it has always been known for its anti-cancer properties, thanks to a component, lycopene, a compound of hydrogen and carbon that is the most effective carotenoids antioxidant , of which it is part.
Recently, an Italian study has shown that consumed cooked in their skins and seeds, the beneficial properties of tomato are much more pronounced in the prevention of cancer, especially in the prevention of prostate cancer.
A diet that contains a right dose of whole tomato, especially when it is cooked or with the skin, as in more traditional Mediterranean recipes, it reduces the development of prostate cancer and inflammatory factors involved in the process.
This study argues that consuming a substantial amount of tomato, cooked and whole, is more effective than using supplements of lycopene.

The research was conducted by the Center Science of Aging at the University of Chieti, in collaboration with the University Federico II of Naples.

A part of the animals was fed with cooked tomatoes in an amount equal to 10 % of the daily diet. For that ones has increased the percentage of survivors (11 to 67%) and the cancer has advanced more slowly. It is also found greater antioxidant activity and a lower level of inflammatory markers (important elements in the formation of tumors in the prostate gland).

Bringing to the table tomatoes, whole with the skins and seeds, helps to protect human health ... with a good deal of taste and tradition!


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