Le Squisivoglie has achieved some among of the most important and prestigious certifications in the food farming industry:

Certificazione BRC FOOD- GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY BRC FOODBenefiting from a long experience in the agri-food sector, Certiquality provides certification services against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety as an effective tool to guarantee consumer safety. Certiquality is accredited to grant BRC certification and performs audits for all classes of products that fall within the scope of the Global Standard for Food Safety. Such audits are conducted by highly qualified personnel, who can also carry out integrated audits against the main food safety standards. BRC certification concerns four main areas that cover substantially all business activities: Senior management commitment; An HACCP plan; A quality management system; Pre-requisite programmes. 

Certificazione IFS- Standard IFSLe Squisivoglie has achieved the IFS Certification (International Food Standard), a very important certificate in the food farming industry which is legitimized both in Europe and in the whole world. The IFS standards are equal for products, services and food.
These standards guarantee the IFS certified firms to produce a product in compliance with the client's specifications. Such recognitions guarantee the firm is able to provide high quality products regularly and constantly. Everything is possible thanks to recognised productive processes that allow a continuous improvement of products and the compliance of applicable regulations, as well as the complete client satisfaction about the quality of the product.

Certicazione Agroalimentare BioAgriCert- Certicazione Agroalimentare BioAgriCert - Le Squisivoglie has also achieved the Certificazione Agroalimentare BioAgriCert for using biological products. This kind of certification is very aspired and it is conferred to all the workers of the sector who work for guarantee and preserve the agricultural system production and the following transformation of the products. The goal of this agricultural system production is to respect the environment, natural balances and biodiversity and attempt to offer genuine products to the consumer in the respect of the cycle of nature.

All these certifications guarantee high quality standard products produced by Le Squisivoglie regurarly and continuously, by means of recognised productive processes. The productive processes allow a continuous improvement of products and compliance of applicable regulations, as well as the complete client satisfaction about the quality of the product.

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