Happy Hour:
Reinforced aperitif, before lunch or dinner.


Vegetables appreciated for good taste and for their properties: rich in protein and gluten free. Lupins are the seeds of a plant, Lupinus Albus, that grows spontaneously on the Mediterranean coast.


Olives-Bella di Cerignola:
Bella di Cerignola is a type of green olive growing in a narrow range of the province of Foggia, in the town of Cerignola. Harvesting is done after the middle of October and the fruit is characterized by a large size with fibrous texture.

Olives- Gaeta:
the olive from Gaeta distinguishes a slightly tapered form, purple colour, winy flavor, with hints of vinegar. It is produced mainly in the territory comprising Gaeta and the surrounding municipalities;

Olives kalamata:
The kalamata olives take their name from the Greek region of Peloponnesus in which they traditionally grow. With distinctive elongated shape and deep purple colour, they're harvested from October to February, prepared with a vertical cut and fermented in water, salt, oil and vinegar, to give it the intense flavor for which it is famous.


The pâté is a French term, used to describe a mixture of ingredients, processed to become a paste to spread. Today we find different versions, with different ingredients, compositions and consistency.

Processing industry:
A series of activities to treat or prepare by a special method, esp to treat food, in order to preserve it.

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