To quickly satisfy a treat, and then another... and another more... there is the practice pack MIX-Duetto. A new way of proposing and combining different flavors in just one package made up of two sections: it's useful to taste different products ... in just one solution!

Pitted green olives and Extra green olivesAppetizer Duetto in Brine
Pitted green olives and Extra green olives: a double pack to assure a double pleasure! This confection nominates olive the protagonist of the taste and, moreover, it has an original way of introducing Mediterranean flavors: taste it in a relax moment or divide it with beloved people!


Duetto mild and spicy olive green pepper and black olives sweet.Duetto mild and spicy
You can not decide between a strong flavor and a mild one? Why do you have to? With Duetto mild and spicy, you can get the pleasure of the mild black olives and the full flavor of the spicy green ones! A unique mix for those who cannot sacrifice the taste!


Mix Duetto - all the flavor of spicy in a single packageDuetto Spicy
The most of the savour in a double pack: spicy green olives and spicy black ones! Especially for the hot chilli lovers, it comes a proposal that has all the taste of olives, prepared according to the traditional recipe: salt, oil, garlic and hot pepper!


Mix Duetto in Brine whets your appetiteSnack Duetto in Brine
To satisfy a fancy or to have a great appetizer, Duetto offer a richer choice: lupini beans and olives. It's perfect to pick it at home, at work and when you are with people you love, to have a fanciful moment of savour and healthy pleasure!


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