Other types of Olives


The ways to taste olives are endless and Le Squisivoglie proposes variants always new, of a product of history and unmistakable!

Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly - Other types of olives - Tris Spicy Olives in sunflower oilTris Spicy Olives in sunflower oil
An original idea for an apetizer or to garnish hot and cold dishes, a mix of everything from taste olives seasoned with garlic, peppers and chilli: for lovers of strong tastes or for those who like to tease the palate with new taste.

Company information

Le Squisivoglie S.r.l.
Strada provinciale Empolitana Km 3,400
00024 Castel Madama (Roma)
VAT 07028231004
Business Identification N. 07028231004
Recorded in the Rome Business Registry

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Tel. +39 0774 411646
Fax +39 0774 411160


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