Black Olives

Black Olives in many varieties. Pitted Black Olives, Black Olives Sweet, Black Olives Gaeta, Kalamata Olives, Black Olives Greek natural, spicy olives, black olives, dried in the oven: a product of the earth for lovers of the Mediterranean diet and vegetable and healthy food. Le Squisivoglie with many varities of black olives takes all the flavor in every recipe of Italian cuisine, for simple dishes or fast taste.

Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly - Mild Black OlivesPitted Black Olives
The classic taste of black olives, ready to feast on, practical and tasty, are the ideal condiment for salads or to enrich the first courses, the most sublime Italian tradition!


Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly - Mild Black OlivesMild Black Olives
Spanish olives selected and preserved without the addition of other ingredients that modify the flavor here is the right way to bring to the table the genuineness and the full flavor of a product typically Mediterranean.


le squisivoglie - sunitaly - gaeta Black Olives in brineGaeta Black Olives in brine
Gaeta black olive has a unique taste: collection still green and preserved in brine Gaeta black olive is a specialty that lends itself to many diverse uses, from salads to sauces, from meat dishes or fish.


Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly -Black Olives Kalamata in brineBlack Olives Kalamata in brine
A shape and a color characterize this type of olives which takes its name from the Peloponnese! Soft and tasty, preserved in brine. Sublime to eat without adding other ingredients, during an appetizer or a drink!


Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly - Black Olives Natural Greek in brineBlack Olives Natural Greek in brine
From the best Greek crops the Mediterranean flavor of these olives explodes on all the tables, thanks to the wise conservation natural, water and salt. A touch to the classic appetizing salads, pizza and focaccia.


Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly - Black Spicy OlivesBlack Spicy Olives
The intense flavor and full of black olives meets with penetrating flavor of the garlic and the bold touch of chili: a perfect set of simple flavors of the land rejoicing the palate and tickle the imagination in the kitchen!


Le Squisivoglie - Sunitaly - Dried Black baked olivesDried Black baked olives
A typical dish of the local cuisine is proposed by Le Squisivoglie in more traditional version: tasty black olives, collected and brought immediately to dry, seasoned with oil and stored carefully to give each table a hint of tradition!

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