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It was in 1973 when, in a small laboratory in Castel Madama (RM), Franco Piersanti started producing and packing table olives for Italian supermarkets, taking care of the preparation personally, helped by his wife and a few workers. The ever-increasing demand of the product prompted Mr. Piersanti to buy the first automatic packaging machine (1978) tripling its production capacity.

In the '80s, with the purchase of new machinery the production process is more and more automated. It is during these years that the company witnesses rapid growth becoming one of the leading companies in the industry. In 1999 the laboratory was transferred where now the manufacturing plant and the offices stand, on a total area of approx. 10,000 sm located near the Castel Madama (Rome) motorway toll-gate, on the A24 motorway, direction L'Aquila/Pescara.

Since forever in the plant of Le Squisivoglie the production process is conducted with competence and precision, following a procedure established over time and tending to continuous improvement.

The semi-finished product arrives at our warehouses in plastic food drums dipped in brine. Upon receipt of goods the store manager must fill in the "Incoming Goods Control" form, in which the checks on the product are recorded. Thus the storage phase begins. 
For some types of goods during this phase the temperature is controlled, for others it is carried out at room temperature. It also includes regular checks on the various batches to ensure that 
the parameters already examined at the time of receipt of goods are maintained over time and the product is completely dipped in brine.

 At this stage, the semi-finished products are transferred into the area called "UNPACKING AREA" where the drums containing the product are externally washed and then emptied into the appropriate stainless steel tanks to allow the washing of the content with fresh water. Once washed, the products undergo a careful and thorough visual inspection, where trained staff removes and eliminates impurities and foreign bodies, if any, through special perforated steel floors.

The drying process takes place, after the selection, only for the OVEN DRIED BLACK OLIVES. Initially this process was carried out with manual techniques and traditional ovens, today, Le Squisivoglie, one of the few companies that still continues this tradition, carries out the drying of the olives with modern equipment, automatically, while retaining the flavor and the goodness of the oven dried olives of old times.

The products are now ready to be packed according to typology and to be controlled through Metal Detector, which monitors each package to verify the presence of ferrous metals and non ferrous metals inside the package. The last phase is pasteurization, which occurs through a tunnel pasteurization which operates like a "spray". In this way, through hot water, any microbe loadings present in the products are inhibited.
 Once pasteurized, the packed products are packaged and stored in a cold storage at a temperature of 12-14 ° C.

Finally the products are ready to be distributed exclusively on trucks equipped with refrigerators and arrive fresh and good, from the point of sale to the tables.

Company information

Le Squisivoglie S.r.l.
Strada provinciale Empolitana Km 3,400
00024 Castel Madama (Roma)
VAT 07028231004
Business Identification N. 07028231004
Recorded in the Rome Business Registry

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