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Le Squisivoglie, or Sunitaly for international market, transforms and manufactures the best domestic and foreign products of the land - olives, artichokes, mushrooms, lupin beans , dried tomatoes, hot peppers, capers and many more.

Led by more then 40 years experience of Piersanti family and by their knowledge of the healthiest tradition and Mediterranean cookery, it brings on the Italians' tables its products with great care to their quality.

Le Squisivoglie is today a prominent company in the food farming field, leader in the production of olives and vegetables!
The Piersanti family preserved from father to son the most simple recipes and the healthiest passion of obtaining tasty and genuine products, with the continuous innovation in packaging and storage solutions, thanks to a constant training of all the production Staff.

Today, Le Squisivoglie (or Sunitaly for foreign clients) is present in the best supermarkets and hypermarkets in Italy and in Europe, with its products, ready to eat or to cook: olives, pickles, marinated vegetables and so on, all bringing in every home the pleasure of the good food and the wonder of the taste!

A unique and savoury mix of quality and fantasy in a wide range of products, perfect to enrich simple and original dishes with the genuine taste of Made in Italy ingredients!

More than 20 kinds of olives and vegetables, such as artichokes, mushrooms, lupin beans, tomatoes to have unlimited culinary solutions and creative, fast dishes!

The line of Pâté is a fast way to season pasta, rice, salad, toasts or bread and to enrich snacks and dishes: Black Olives Pâté, Artichokes Pâté, Dried Tomatoes Pâté, Hot peppers Pâté, Spicy olive Pâté, Mushrooms Pâté...a simple way of tasting the natural flavour of Italian Lands.

And then, a new way to propose the Olives: DUETTO line, a practical double-pack tray to taste or choice between two different products, in two different compartment. A rich variety of versions: Snack, Spicy, Mild and Spicy, Appetizer in Brine, Trio of Spicy olives..

Proposals newer and newer in useful "preserveve-freshness" and "preserve-aroma" packs!

Moreover, here are the MAXI packs and the EXTRA ones, dedicated to the HORECA channel: pails, trays, jars and pouches, all certificated respecting the current regulations.

Quality and Innovation are our keywords, to make of the tradition and good food a real great passion!

Company information

Le Squisivoglie S.r.l.
Strada provinciale Empolitana Km 3,400
00024 Castel Madama (Roma)
VAT 07028231004
Business Identification N. 07028231004
Recorded in the Rome Business Registry

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Tel. +39 0774 411646
Fax +39 0774 411160


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