The paté by Le Squisivoglie is the right solution to a fast and practice meal, without renouncing to pleasure and genuineness! Soft and exquisite, these pâtés are perfect in every situation such as a fast dinner, an unexpected appetite, or to realise a light and extravagant meal!

Pâté artichokes, a cream for the ecstasy of the palateArtichokes paté
The valued and unparalleled savour of the most selected artichokes, manufactured with care to keep their fragrance and bring it every day in each home! It’s a delicious pasta dressing or a garnish for toasted bread.


Pâté - Mushrooms pâté to enhance the taste of the dishes.Mushrooms paté
The appealing aroma of a wood in autumn is held in an artfully prepared pâté: champignons and porcinos fuse together forming a perfumed cream that exalts the unique savour of mushrooms.


 The green olive pâté is a mixture of selected olivesGreen Olives paté
To those who cannot renounce to the delicacy caressing the palate, the green olives pâté is a mix of selected and high quality olives, manufactured in a soft pesto, enriched by the intense touch of Extra-virgin olives oil…to taste every way!


Black Olives pâté, a cream to flavor your dishes Black Olives paté
To the lovers of country-made specialties, it comes an unmistakable savour: an exquisite cream with an intense aroma, which preserves all the taste from the black olives, just grinded! It’s perfect to season pasta or toasted bread.


Check out all the taste and flavor of pate Hot peppers and spice your dishes in the kitchen for maximum exaltation of the palateHot Peppers devils paté
A fire-red colour and a hotter savour: these are the features characterizing hot peppers pâtés. It brings on table the strong taste of the hot peppers thanks to a processing from the fresh raw materials that doesn't alter their aroma and taste.


Try the pâté, Dried Tomatoes and sends in ecstasy your palate with all the flavor and authenticity of the Mediterranean traditionDried Tomatoes paté
All the pleasure of the homemade tradition is held in this pâté. It is made up of dried tomatoes, champignon mushrooms and olives: a perfect combination of flavors to be tasted with pasta, appetizers, sandwiches… and to give each one an authentic delight!


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