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In order to meet the needs of increasingly demanding markets, LE SQUISIVOGLIE Srl has put in place a company Quality Management System. Our Quality Management System has been designed, implemented, and certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and IFS Food ver. 6 standards.

Quality has always been vital for LE SQUISIVOGLIE Srl: we have always sought to continuously improve our internal quality procedures, in order to meet the needs of increasingly demanding markets in terms of quality and hygiene.
Our company's goal is to meet our customers' needs and expectations and to offer top-range quality, genuine products.

In order to achieve this goal, the company has based its policies on the following principles:

  • compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and IFS Food ver. 6 standards
  • implementation of national and EU-level provisions concerning Hygiene Self Assessment and improvement of our Hygiene Self-Assessment Handbook
  • ensuring staff safety
  • preventing ineffective actions and achieve the previously established level of quality at minimum cost
  • increasing the staff's improving familiarity with the principles of Food Quality and Hygiene, increasing individual and collective awareness of high-quality work
  • assessing the appropriateness, compliance with and effectiveness of the Quality Management System through internal assessment
  • constant improvement of the company's image in Italian and foreign markets through:

==> we devote constant attention to our Customers' overt and implicit needs, in order to increase our customers' satisfaction
==> we continuously seek to improve our products' qualitative standards and our company Quality Management System efficiency and effectiveness
==> we always meet our Customers' needs in terms of product quality, hygiene and delivery schedules.

Environmental responsibility
By pursuing the aims described in this document and other internal documents, LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. commits itself and takes on the responsibility to protect the environment throughout its production phases, including waste disposal. The various aspects of environment protection are mainly responsibility of the General Director's office.

Our company developed throughout the years thanks to a corporate culture based on sustainability. LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. aims at keeping the conditions that allowed our growth stable, by using available resources and means always taking into consideration the limitations in financial, environmental and social terms.

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
Avoiding the waste of resources, increasing environmental awareness, promoting social awareness and ethics are the pillars of our company's everyday commitment to our employees, suppliers, and customers. These principles are consistent with our company's mission and growth and improvement goals. LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. focuses on ethics and promotes corporate responsibility towards its employees and suppliers by ensuring the safety health of its workers. Every day, our company draws inspiration from ethical principles and promotes a good quality of life and the protection of man and his environment. It is in this framework that the company aims at constant improvement and puts in practice its corporate responsibility. LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l., together with its employees, devotes special attention to the following aspects:

Honesty - Our Company ensures that its employees and collaborators are aware of the ethical implications of their actions and that they do not pursue personal profit to the detriment of current rules and regulations. The company ensures that its employees and collaborators are not involved - either directly or through third parties - in interests conflicting with their contractual counterparts' own interests.

Confidentiality - The company ensures that its employees and collaborators protect the confidentiality of personal data included in data bases and personal archives; furthermore, the company commits itself to making sure that all the privacy requirements provided for by the current rules and regulations are met. Data collected by the means of the company's special forms will only be used in the framework of the pre-established activities.
All employees are bound to confidentiality as to any facts and circumstances pertaining to office/company operations not included in the operations bound to transparency according to current rules and regulations. In addition, all employees must abide by the principle of confidentiality also after the service has been provided and shall not provide information regarding performed activities to the competitors.

Impartiality - The company ensures that its employees and collaborators operate taking into due consideration the concrete circumstances of work and abstain from discriminatory and opportunistic behaviour. LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. is committed to not discriminating anyone on grounds of race, religion, gender, and political opinions.

Health Protection - LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. ensures that safety is guaranteed in its facilities by carrying out careful risk-assessment, appropriate staff training, and constantly keeping updated on the latest technological developments. Hence, the company commits itself to guaranteeing the physical safety of its workers, taking into consideration the cogent aspect of work-related stress.

Confidentiality of information - Our employees do not have contact with the press or other media and abstain from making public statements that may impair the company's image. In case the company is requested to provide information to the press and other media, in the event of company or product-related issues, the General Director Office appoints the Person Responsible for HACCP as the Official External PR. The name of the HACCP RP is indicated in the Organizational Chart.

Product standards
Thanks to its effective Quality Management and Monitoring Systems, the company can ensure that its products fully comply with the standards related to food safety, quality and legal requirements, in all their aspects. LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. is committed to producing legally compliant, safe and quality products. Indeed, our company holds this as part of its responsibility towards its clients, especially with regard to the following aspects:
- compliance with legal requirements is guaranteed by our constant attention to the updating of existing rules and regulations; we periodically upgrade our products and activities according to applicable laws
- food safety and the high quality of our products are guaranteed by constant monitoring and checks in all the operational phases established in our Self-Assessment Handbook.
Furthermore, food safety is also guaranteed thanks to the implementation of an intermediate phase, when we carry out laboratory analysis in order to verify the products' shelf life, and sample analysis according to the previously established sample size determination plan.

Our Quality Policies are shared by all those who work for SQUISIVOGLIE, and they are promoted through training courses and billposting of the current document.
The current Quality Policies will be re-examined at least on an annual basis, in order to achieve constant improvement and monitor the achievement of previously established goals. LE SQUISIVOGLIE S.r.l. guarantees that all information will be disseminated effectively and punctually to the interested staff. Individual responsibilities connected to the achievement of our goals are listed in the individual procedures and operational instructions.

In order to fully manage and implement the Quality Management System by LE SQUISIVOGLIE Srl, a Person Responsible for the Quality Management System was appointed and given the task of developing the Quality Management System and checking its consistent implementation.

Our company intends to establish on a periodical basis measurable goals and appropriate associated indicators to be pursued and monitored; these goals will be periodically reassessed and checked in order to drive the company to constantly improve its activities and products.

This ambition project can only be implemented if all the staff at LE SQUISIVOGLIE Srl actively cooperates and abides to the rules described in the Procedures, Handbook, and the other documents pertaining to the company's Quality Management System.

Castel Madama, July, 02nd 2012


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