Salty cheesecake


Salty cheesecake


  • Crackers or rusks 150 gr
  • Butter 400 gr
  • Milk a quarter of a glass
  • Ricotta cheese 200 gr
  • Eggs 2
  • Tuna 200 gr
  • Black Olives "Le Squisivoglie"
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes "Le Squisivoglie"
  • Salt

We take crackers (or whatever you have available) and we mix in a robot with the blades; Meanwhile, we melt the butter and amalgamate it with milk and with crumbled crackers. We put this in a pan of 22-24 cm in diameter, covered with baking paper, levelling and pressing with your hands; put in refrigerator to solidify. Meanwhile we mix eggs, salt, ricotta cheese and tuna and then add the black olives, pitted and cut. Then we will put all on the base and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. Let all become cool and decorate with the dried tomatoes

Company information

Le Squisivoglie S.r.l.
Strada provinciale Empolitana Km 3,400
00024 Castel Madama (Roma)
VAT 07028231004
Business Identification N. 07028231004
Recorded in the Rome Business Registry

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Tel. +39 0774 411646
Fax +39 0774 411160

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