The Products Plant, a delicious variety of vegetables carefully chosen and packed in oil and vinegar, to bring to the table a unique flavor and tasty and enrich simple dishes with quality products result of tradition.

Composizione di peperoni rossi e gialliPeppers Fillets in Sunflower Oil
A cheerful composition of red and yellow peppers, cut into strips with the addition of parsley, garlic and white wine vinegar. Ideal as a side dish or as an appetizer, but also to garnish salads, peppers welt give an intense flavor in every bite.


Le Squisivoglie porta in ogni tavola il tocco della tradizione con i pomodori secchi conservati in olio di semi di girasoleDried Tomatoes in Oil Sunflower
From the most typical Mediterranean recipe, Le Squisivoglie door in each table the touch of tradition with dried tomatoes preserved in oil. A tasty side dish, or a useful ingredient for pasta and salads and rediscover the authentic flavors of the culinary culture.


Pomodori essiccati e croccanti, conservati senza aggiunta di olio.Dried tomatoes ready to taste
All the flavor of traditional enclosed in an insurmountable classic Mediterranean cuisine: dried tomatoes and crispy preserved without adding olio. All the taste of the tomato to make dishes or create delicious recipes and innovative!


Le melanzane a filetti in olio de Le Squisivoglie, un contorno unico e appetitoso condimento per bruschette ed aperitiviEggplant Fillets in Sunflower Oil
Eggplant carefully chosen and ancient Italian preparation typically make the eggplant fillets in oil Le Squisivoglie, a side dish unique and appetizing. Work carefully, the eggplant fillets in oil, to ensure every dish taste unchanged of an exclusive product of our land.


Verdure selezionate dal sapore genuino si incontrano in un misto di freschezza e leggerezza Giardiniera Vegetables in brine
Selected vegetables genuine taste meet in a mixture of freshness and lightness to bring a touch of fantasy in salads and dishes based on meat or fish. An essential mix for those who like healthy eating but tastefully.


Fresche e croccanti cipolline dal gusto deciso, confezionate in salamoia per esaltarne il sapore e il profumoOnions in brine
Fresh and crispy onions strong flavor, packed in brine to enhance the flavor and aroma: a tasty morsel to be savored as a starter and appetizer or to flavor dishes fresh.


I capperi al sale sono l’ingrediente insostituibile per guarnire pizze e focacce o per insaporire primi e secondi, di verdure, di carne o di pesceCapers in salt
An indispensable product in the kitchen, capers in salt are the indispensable ingredient for pizza and focaccia garnish or to flavor first and second courses, vegetables, meat or fish. A unique flavor for the table at every opportunity.


Per non rinunciare al tocco “piccante” Le Squisivoglie propone i peperoncini piccanti secchiDried chilli peppers
Not to forget the touch "spicy", dried chiles Le Squisivoglie, are the secret ingredient for all lovers, tasty cuisine and tasty for those who dare and ... delight the palate!


Le Squisivoglie - Antipasto vegetale misto in olio di semi di girasoleAppetizer mixed vegetable oil sunflower
A feast of rich flavors for those who love the light taste and genuine vegetables without sacrificing goodness! The appetizer vegetable oil is a useful dressing for salads or a tasty side dish to main courses, dedicated to those who want to be caressed by the rich taste of nature.


Le Squisivoglie - Cetriolini in Salamoia acetata, dal sapore ricco e pieno con pochissime calorieGherkins Pickled
A vegetable almost calorie-free, but very rich and full flavor: pickled gherkins are a real touch of creativity to salads and side dishes or snack tasty to enjoy it as it is!



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